CBS World Cup 2010


The featured football apps and a handful of other info apps have been created using a common framework that I developed whilst at Bright AI. Using the API’s that it provided we were then able to release an average of 1 app per week. With this framework in place, most of the work around theming an app was related to replacing asset files, adapting data models and parsing code and modifying the URL’s to data service providers.

The framework featured some powerful optimizations that iPhones, which were then considerably slower than those of today, utilized to keep things running smoothly despite lossy connections and considerable XML parsing times.


  • Common UI theme amongst apps
  • Core Data storage
  • Asynchronous XML parsing
  • Asynchronous displaying of rows in tables, as soon as an XML element was parsed it was displayed without waiting for the entire XML to be traversed. This was useful on the first iPhones and EDGE connections.
  • Audio and Video streaming
  • Support for localization, including right-to-left written languages
  • Common UI theme and functionality for In-app purchases and push notifications
  • Social media integration